Prowlers on the loose

After some deep discussion I have had with some friends and collegues recently, I felt the need to address this once again but this time, I am going to touch basis on all parties involved.  This commentary is made to create awareness and will take on a very straight forward discussion. I will let you know right now, their will be some profanity in order to make emphasis.

Okay, now with that out of the way...I have a question to you married men out there....What the fuck is wrong with you?!?  I mean seriously, what is this thing where you get online, flirt with single women when you have a wife and kids at home.

Some of you are professionals while others are not but that doesn't matter, What the fuck is on your mind?  Why would you put everything you worked so hard to achieve and your family in jeapordy just to get your 'fuck on'...I mean, is it worth losing your house, your kids and the love of your life, someone who has stuck by you from the very beginning, someone who put up with all of your arrogant bullshit only to think that you can get on FB, Tweet and any other social media site...or even at the workplace, hiding your wedding band, pretending to be single just so you can get your 'fuck on'!  Come on now! Are you fuckin serious!  What is really on your mind...Are you that damn selfish?

Now I know, I probably going to kick that bullshit to me "Come on bro, you don't understand...she be trippin on me dog!...You don't know what it's like to be married to her!"  Okay, I get it, relationships have ups and downs and you include the kids, yes...nothing in life is easy but that is what your punk ass signed up the church "For better, for worse, for sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, till death do us part"....Yeah, that one, but I guess your ass total forgot about that after you whipped out your dick to that fine piece of ass you have been checking out at the office (or on facebook, twitter,etc).  I mean, are you that fuckin dumb!

Don't you know that the minute you inbox this chick, the minute you call yourself "gettin your mack on" just to see if you still got it...Guess what playa....homegirl is talking about you to somebody and with camera phones along with video capabilities, nothing is discreet anymore....NOTHING!!!

Now while you call yourself trying to friend someone because you think her pictures look 'sexy' and you go droppin those played out, 1970s shaft lines...You are not thinking about the lives you are impacting nor are you thinking about the reputation you are creating for yourself...but I guess that doesn't matter because after all, 'You got shit sown up" 

Did you ever think for a second that your wife, while she is ripping and running around, taking care of home, feeding your bad ass kids, attending PTA meetings, helping the kids with the homework, cooking, cleaning and catering to your dumb ass....and she still puts up with your selfish bullshit, you still have no regards for all that she does to keep things tight at home, while you think you can just sneak around and play as if you are still in your adolescent stages....come on now...Wake the fuck up!!!

Except the fact that you are not a thriving 'twenty something' anymore, you are a husband and a family man.  In my day, I was raised by a real man, married for 42 years, handled business, faithful, devoted, God fearing and a real man and I am damn proud to call him my Father.  

Now think about it, you yourself probably have a son, is this the kind of example you want to teach him, is this the kind of leader you are raising up...that it's more important how much you score versus having some ounce of integrity and remember, this son of yours loves his momma and when the shit hits the fan playa....Remember, you are getting older and so is he....don't make him grow old to resent you cause one day....He might just come back and whoop your old ass or leave little man scarred....He may just put the blast on you and have you six feet under....Are you getting it now.  Wake up!!!

Last thing I am going to say and then on to the next, keep your dick in your pants, stop trying to holler at these single women that I will add....will find out about your lying ass and she will put you on full blast if you are not careful and your wife will find out....Ooops forgot to add, your wife may already be on to you, remember 'Cheaters' smh...would hate to see you in one of those episodes.

My point is, you asked her to marry you, intially when you met her, she probably didn't even want to talk to you from the jump but gave in because of your persistance and now...You want to destroy everything all because you want to 'fuck'...Man, you better get a clue because when all the smoke clears and she leaves your ass and takes the house and the kids and your entire paycheck...then a real man will come into the picture who is more than willing to do right by her....Remember, what you won't do, someone else most definitely will.  

Anytime a man is blessed with a wife, he has truly found a good thing and I guarantee you, while you are out kicking with the fellas complaining about your wife, one of your closes homeboys is cutting his eyes at you wishing he had the blessing that you posses, but keep fucking up long enough, you are sure to find out....Think stupid!!! Or you are going to lose everything you worked hard to build up and considering the prospects you are chasing after, it is not worth it.  

And last, there is a such thing as AIDS and the many other venereal diseases out here....You will catch fire and get burnt....Just because the packaging looks good, dosen't mean she is a prize, your prize is at home where you belong.  If you have a good woman and she is not a gold digger, do what you have to do to work things out, take a trip, hire a babysitter and do what you have to do to make things work, that is your partner, your bestfriend and the one who stuck by you when your ass was broke as fuck....Now that you have a little success and you have all of these skirts throwing it hard at you....Don't fall for the bullshit, they all have an agenda and that is to wreck your happy home.  Say you get her knocked up, then you have two headaches and the mistress will blackmail your ass if you don't kill her first....then you maybe looking at time in the fed box....Think!!!

And for your ladies out there and I am putting that nicely, those pursuing another womans property, taking pics and exposing yourself for all of the universe to see. Remember, he belongs to someone so if you think for a second that he his going to give up everything he worked hard to build up just to get with your tired ass.....Think again.  And further more, if he is making promises that he is going to get a divorce and such....hang it up, you are getting played.

Now in your mind, you may have your own schemes and ulterior motives to set him up. You need to understand the lives that you will be damaging, not just your own but the wife, the kids will be affected also but then again...I forgot who I am talking to, Ms. Out for self, thinking cause you got that 'bomb pussy', your mind is going cha ching!  All that says is that you don't respect yourself as a lady nor do you know your worth....You really need to do some serious self evaluation and while you're at it, seek counseling cause you are all messed up in the head.

Just remember that the same evil that you put out will be the same that will come back to you and Karma dosen't play.

In closing, there are a lot of good single people like myself out here who don't engage in these kind of antics nor choose to.  Anytime you place any kind of hurt on another, it makes it not only hard for that person who is the recipient of such disloyal acts, imagine the years it will take for them to rebound from this before they can finally feel whole again.  Then think about the children who will be damaged as well, holding many questions wondering why things didn't work out....Would you want to be responsible for carrying that burden on your shoulders for the rest of your life...Would you? And could you handle that kind of guilt?

Just remember that whatever you put out in the universe, it will surely come back to you, good or bad and situations like this always end up bad for everyone all of you who live to do your reality show entertainment for the rest of the world to view..then I guess we will sit back, grab the popcorn and watch you make a fool out of yourselves.  I will close on that note....there maybe a part two and three to this commentary.  Peace out!

Copyright(c)2012 Jay5

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