Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I go by the name of Jay5 and I will be posting commentary on some very relevant and controversial social topics. 

With the many discussions I have with many friends, family and colleagues, so many things really stir me up which prompted me to put this page together. I think it is important to have a forum that promotes healthy open discussion. Now naturally, everyone is not going to agree...I get that but to at least get all sides of the general prospective of the public is of huge importance to me. This in turn can create more awareness and understanding between race, class and gender lines.

Now don't just browse thru hear, read and not leave any feedback...leave your comments, I don't care how lengthy they are, speak your piece whatever opinions you may have and oh yeah....So this page can get even more exposure, spread the word, tell you friends and lets make this fun!

Signing off now....this is Jay5....See you on the other side!  Out!