Extreme measures."I think he/she likes me" -The stalker chronicles

Sometimes when I write these little commentaries, I look at it as a way to not only address issues, but also to provide that much needed release. One thing that God is teaching me about my past is in order to completely close that chapter, one first has to confront those hurts head on, then you can truly know forgiveness and true inner peace.

Moving along, I had a situation where this individual that I had been dealing with off and on (mostly off) would come along every blue moon to email me, send me a text or send chat request. 

At the time, we probably had been corresponding off and on for about a couple of years. Initially, there was some interest there on my end. But a lot of times, when discernment is keen and sharp, those alerts will go off in your spirit letting you know that this individual is up to no good and sure enough, later on after some truths came to light, I was very thankful that God has intervened or otherwise, I may have possibly landed myself in another bad relationship.

Now this is where things kind of took a turn from some timey, pretentious to very 'stalker-ish'. This individual obviously noticed that I had blocked her from making any kind of contact with me. Now most people in their right minds would get the hint and move on, but not this one....yeah...I had a real live one on my hands.  She went and started up another account under an alias so that she could contact me.  She went as far as sending me her phone number in efforts to right all of her wrongs but I wasn't going for it because again, my spirit man was feeling very uneasy about her.  So I have to go thru the whole process and block her again and just know whenever someone is this persistent in playing a whole lot of mind games, I become very livid which then, I will say things that will completely strip you of any like or want you may have had for me but sometimes, when you are dealing with immature knuckleheads, the goes with the territory.

With social media, I look at this as a vehicle to network, make new contacts and build relationships rather it's business or personal. Now I have nothing against say if you happen to meet up with someone you are corresponding with and as time progresses, you are communitcating on the regular, recognize you share common interest and things take off, as long as it is mutual, then no problems there.

What I want to address today are the many types of stalkers that are out their lurking.  The first type I want to address are the 'Passive' ones, the ones that watch you from a distance yet, don't make themselves known. Now in most cases, they are smart enough to know not to make themselves obvious but in the meanwhile, secretly, rather you know it or not, they are obsessing over you and their true colors will show the minute they find out your are in a relationship; let's just say, don't be surprised of the under handed tactics they will resort to. Everything from going around, slandering your good name, giving everyone a jaded perception of you, anything to leave your current love interest questioning your honesty and integrity and this is especially dangerous in new relationship because everything is still fresh and you are still getting to know each other. All I can say on that is, trust has to be earned before it can be given. On one side, as long as you are being totally honest about everything, even the not so comfortable details, then there should be no worries because obviously, this person has nothing to hide. Secondly, when it comes to gossip and rumors, you always have to question the source as well as examine the individual where this information is coming from, an ugly truth can never hide.  Just be mindful of who you allow in your social circle because no matter the gender, anyone who is loothing in lonliness and mysery will naturally work very hard to bring about  that negative energy onto others. Steer clear of them if at all possible, they don't come with warning signs (even though they should..lol).

The next type of stalker are the agressive ones, the ones who impose themselves on you persistently, sending numerous emails (messages, inboxes, etc). And say you have a facebook account, they will usually pull the friend card while in their mind, they are obsessing over you.  Most will do anything to throw you off of their trail because naturally, though they know what they are doing, they do not want to be exposed because guess what?  The minute they are confronted, they will deny, deny....but you have to expect that and remember, some one who displays these characteristics lack true honesty.

Then you have the extremist, the ones who you may have already made it clear that you want nothing to do with them, yet seeing they are thick in the skull and just don't get it....First excuse them for being so damn retarded but these are the ones where you may have to contact law enforcement. You could block them out of your life but some how they will find you, will show up unexpectedly at your place of employment, follow you around so they can know where you live, they just have a way of just annoying the shit out of you until you are ready to take matters into your own hands. The first thing I want to say is whatever you do, do not allow these fools to enrage you so that you do something that will jeapordize everything you have worked hard to build up in your career, business or whatever it is that you do.  If you feel this person is a threat after numerous attempts of trying to get rid of them, make sure you document everything, record conversations if they so happen to contact you by phone and believe me, I don't know how they do it but some will find your phone number by any means.  Make certain to contact law enforcement immediately.  The only way these kind of predators can be dealt with is with brute force but again, just be smart about how you handle these situations because for some, things can get messy when dealing with a total 'wack job'.

In closing, just pay close attention to what is going on around you and be firm in your stance. People who are lonely and pathetic will do just about anything to win someone affections, whether subtly or outwardly, in their minds, they feel you will come around, hate to say this but....NOT!!!

With all of the accessibility with the web today, predators, pedophiles, rapist, stalkers and anyone with complusive/obsessive behavior traits lurk everywhere.  Just make certain when you recognize these signs, protect yourself and make certain that they do get exposed. For me, at the end of the night, I want to be able to rest easy without having to have a pistol laying beside my pillow....Feel me!  Peace Out!!!

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